This project, perhaps more than any other, gave us the greatest scope to employ the full range of skills and knowledge available within our team. It was great to see almost everyone get a chance to be involved and contribute.

Richard Summers

West Horton Heath, Eastleigh

105ha NA Eastleigh

West Horton Heath is a development alongside an existing settlement, bringing with it significant benefits in terms of schools, jobs, shops and new community spaces. Around 950 dwellings, two schools, significant employment and a local centre combine around a new commercial and social heart for the village. Within the whole, distinct neighbourhoods and areas of differing character ensure the richness common in historic places nearby.

Working as part of the masterplanning team, our role included illustrating the character, scale, density, activity and diversity offered by various parts of the scheme. Using plans and perspectives the aim was to indicate how particular areas would function, who might live or work there, how they would incorporate existing landscape features or water courses, and how they could be developed whilst conserving and protecting natural and man-made heritage assets on or near the site.

The Team