Fatima Naseri

After studying architecture for three years, I felt that it was essential to experience architecture in a practice before becoming fully qualified. You must know the actual challenges before you can think and design innovatively and creatively.

Architecture is multi-faceted and most of the great architects also follow further disciplines, which, I think, widens the capability of understanding. The latter is to me personally one of the most important attributes of a person, who takes the responsibility given to architects. The great philosopher Rumi, who originates from my homeland of Afghanistan, said ‘From understanding comes love’. Being able to look at your decisions from a different perspective and trying to understand the counter-position, leads to better working solutions.

I grew up in Germany, my second homeland and, as a polylingual and interested person, I always thought of proceeding my educational path abroad. It resulted in starting to work as an architectural assistant in Boyle and Summers. Here I have the opportunity to combine the theory and practice of architecture with a degree apprenticeship at the University of Portsmouth.


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